• VENUE –
Zones Address
North Delhi Zone Shrimati Shakuntala Ankit Singh Rawat Sports Academy, Block-A, Manav Kunj, Mukundpur, New Delhi – 110042
North East Delhi Zone
South Delhi Zone Air Force Bal Bharti School Lodhi Rd, Gokalpuri, Institutional Area, Lodi Colony, New Delhi -110003
South East Delhi Zone
West Delhi Zone Chaitanya Badminton Acadmey 14/25, 15/21 Prem Nagar, near Nav Uday Covent School, Z Block, Najafgarh, Delhi, 110043
South-West Delhi Zone Tirang Badminton Centre, Tajpur Road, Goyla Vihar, Near Dwarka Sector 19 (Near St. Thomas Public School), New Delhi 110071
East Delhi Zone Vidya Bal Bhawan Senior Secondary School,Kondli Gharoli Road, Saptarshi Raj Path, Mayur Vihar Phase III, Delhi, 110096
Shahdara Delhi Zone
North West Delhi Zone SN badminton Academy Near Royal Garden Sector 24 Rohini New Delhi 110085
New Delhi Zone Sports Complex, Sham Nath Marg Ludlow Castle, Delhi-110054
Central Delhi Zone
  • Age Categories-
        • Under 13 ,15 ,17, 19, Seniors
        • Masters (+35,+40,+45,+50,+55,+60,+65,+70,+75)
  • Participation
        • A players can play in Max 4 events.

        • A Player is allowed to play only in his/ her Zone as per the Aadhar Card.

        • Kindly upload the one file of both sides of the player Aadhar card.

    • ENTRY FEES:-
        • SINGLES (RS. 750/- PER CATEGORY)
        • DOUBLES (RS. 1500/- PER CATEGORY)
        • Entries will be accepted on Online Mode Only.


    Category – Age Cut-off SINGLES EVENT DOUBLES EVENT
    01) U13 – BORN ON OR AFTER 1-JAN-2010 BS U13, GSU13 BD U13, GD U13
    02) U15 – BORN ON OR AFTER 1-JAN-2008 BS U15, GS U15, BD U15, GD U15, XD U15
    03) U17 – BORN ON OR AFTER 1-JAN-2006 BS U17, GS U17, BD U17, GD U17, XD U17
    04) U19 – BORN ON OR AFTER 1-JAN-2004 BS U19, GS U19, BD U19, GD U19, XD U19
    06) 35+ – ON OR BEFORE 1986 MS 35+, WS 35+ MD 35+, WD 35+, XD 35+
    07) 40+ – ON OR BEFORE 1981
    MS 40+, WS 40+ MD 40+, WD 40+, XD 40+
    08) 45+ – ON OR BEFORE 1976
    MS 45+, WS 45+ MD 45+, WD 45+, XD 45+
    09) 50+ – ON OR BEFORE 1971 MS 50+, WS 50+ MD 50+, WD 50+, XD 50+
    10) 55+ – ON OR BEFORE 1966 MS 55+, WS 55+ MD 55+, WD 55+, XD 55+
    11) 60+ – ON OR BEFORE 1961 MS 60+, WS 60+ MD 60+, WD 60+, XD 60+
    12) 65+ – ON OR BEFORE 1956 MS 65+, WS 65+ MD 65+, WD 65+, XD 65+
    13) 70+ – ON OR BEFORE 1951 MS 70+, WS 70+ MD 70+, WD 70+, XD 70+
    14) 75+ – ON OR BEFORE 1946 MS 75+, WS 75+ MD 75+, WD 75+, XD 75+


    (For Athletes, Coaches)

    1. The tournament / Championships will be conducted as per Govt. of India / State Govt. Covid-19 regulations. SOP guidelines need to strictly followed as issued earlier.
    2. Mask is mandatory for everyone. Players while playing Match are allowed to remove the mask.
    3. Field of Play Restrictions – Players will be only allowed in the venue 60 minutes prior to their scheduled match. After completing the player must leave the venue within 30 Minutes.
    4. Always maintain a physical interpersonal distance of at least 1.5 meters with non-cohabitants.
    5. Always wash your hands frequently and thoroughly.

    For any Query, please feel free to contact on +91-8601889630 or on Email-ID



  • All players kindly carry your Aadhar Card, Date of Birth Certificate issued by the MCD and registered in the same year, duly attested by the School/ College. If the Date of Birth and its Registration is not of the same year, then you must submit Bone Test Medical Certificate as per BAI format.

  • It is mandatory to have Delhi’s local address on the player’s current Aadhar card to play in his / her respective zones.

  • Aadhar card of other states will not be allowed as well players of one district (Delhi) also not allowed to player in other district & not allowed to pair in double events with other district Player. If found player will not allowed to continue in the tournament further.

  • A non-refundable fee of Rs 1000/- will be charged against age protest. Each complaint or protest will be forwarded to DCBA and course of action will be decided by the committee formed by DCBA in this regard. The decision of the committee will be final.

  • In paired events partners should play in same sports attire.

  • All the players participating in this tournament shall maintain strict discipline on & off the court.

  • Tournament will be held as per the rules & regulations /norms as per BAI

  • The Organizers are not responsible for any mishap, inside/outside the venue during the tournament.

  • The Matches will be played according to the Schedule and if the player is not found at the scheduled time of his/her match, walkover shall be given as per BAI Norms.

  • The Decision of the Tournament Committee will be the final on all Points of Facts and Referee will be the Sole in charge of all Technical Issues on Point of Law.