Dr. Ameeta Sinh (President DCBA)

Dr. Ameeta Sinh

Ex Minister Govt of U.P.
Former International & National Badminton Champion

It is a grand opportunity for me, to give back to the game, what the game of Badminton once gave me.

Through my sporting journey, from being a beginner to playing for India, there were many a challenges that I have confronted. Experience helps me to ensure, that todays generation of players of Delhi State, need not to encounter the same.

DCBA believes that Badminton can change the life of a child. The game assures career opportunities, good health, happiness, building of character, strong personalities and leaders of tomorrow. It is the holistic growth of a community, through a strong system of communication, exposure, connectivity, confidence, a good value system, principles & discipline.

There is no dearth of talent in Delhi, be it players- coaches and it is coupled with good infrastructure, academies and opportunity to learn.

The need of the hour is to build a balanced ecosystem capable of providing an excellent learning program, skill, strength & conditioning equipment & gym, sports bio mechanics, a rehabilitation program, sports nutrition, sports medicine, sports psychology, physiotherapy, all housed under one roof, a Centre of Excellence